Nations Claiming System

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Nations is the land clamming / anti-grief protection plugin we are using on modded 1.10 & 1.12 servers (non skyblock based)

The first thing you need when joining the server is a Nation (named 'town' in towny)

You can either join someone else's nation or create your own using:

/n create

Example: /n create DuckBurg

You can check your town status (bank, claimed blocks, remaining blocks...) using

/n info

It costs money to keep a nation up, make sure you have the money in the bank using

/n deposit

Example: /n deposit 250

When you create your nation, you will get 1000 blocks for you to claim for free.

In order to claim an area, you will first need to select it. Grab a golden axe and use it to select an area:

left click with the golden axe will select one corner, right click will select the opposite corner

The height doesn't matter, you only need to select an area on the ground, it will automatically be extended from sky to bedrock

You can check the size of the area in the chatbox, and adjust it to your needs

N-th position set to X Y) (AREA)

Once you are done, type

/n claim

This will link the area to your nation (make sure it connects to the existing blocks)

This is it for the basics. You can do much more with it like share a nation with your friends, have residents in your nation with each of them having their own personnal area...

Here is a guide:

And here are the commands available:

More data:

- Each block you claim cost 0.2 coins (1 chunk = ~50 coins)

- Each player in a nation grants 1000 blocks to claim (~4 chunks)

- You can buy extra blocks to claim. 0.8 per block (~200 coins per chunk)

- You can buy up to 256 000 extra blocks (100 chunks)

- When joining the server, you get 300 coins, enough to create a nation and claim ~1 chunk

- Nation upkeep is 10 coins per citizen

- Nation taxes can be changed by the President. Nation staff (president + minister) are exempt