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Sign Shop Tutorial

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

What you will need:

Chest, Sign, Redstone and the items you wish to sell or buy.

Step one:

Place chest down with the quantity of the items you want to sell at one time

e.g. For one Sign click, the buyer will get 5 of the items.

Step two:

Place the Sign and type:

First row:[Buy]or[Sell]

Second row: Name of item

Third row: Quantity sold

Fourth row: Amount sold for E.g... $5.00 each time bought

Step three:

Get the Redstone in hand and left click the chest and then the sign. The[Buy]or[Sell]part should turn blue.

Step four:

Put all the items in.


[Buy] [Sell] Colours

Blue = In stock

Red = out of stock, Chest is full

Grey = Try again!

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