A 3D Minecraft inspired, 6D sandbox universe.

  • Explore: Venture out and discover enemy stations, outposts, and planets. Even go where no one has gone before... Deep Space!
  • Design: Purchase, manufacture, or salvage parts to make an ultimate ship or station.
  • Engineering: Create custom weapon designs and fabricate the best structure for your ship or station to maximize your Shields, Power, and Weapons output.
  • Multi-Player: An intense strategic community is always established somewhere... you just have to find it! Until then, do your best to escape the heart of the Player-Predators domain to establish yourself and become a Predator yourself or even a Defender of Peace!
  • Destruction: Decimate your Foes with a vast array of weapons! Anti-Matter Cannons, Guided, Un-Guided, and Heat-Seeking Missiles, and the Kamikaze Explosives that detonate on impact!
  • Salvage: Recently win a battle or come across an abandoned ship or station? Salvage it and sell its contents to gain credits or implement them into your own Designs.
  • Physics: fully integrated modern physics engine for real box-on-box collisions
  • Stealth: Radar-Jammers allow you to not be detected on the Navigation systems and Cloaking Modules allows a ship to go invisible, so long as you have the power supply to support it, Combine these two for an Ultimate Surprise Attack or even to spy on a nearby enemy.
  • Multi-Platform: Compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux
  • Share: Build an Epic Ship lately? Save it, upload it, or download others and implement them as needed!
  • Artificial Intelligence: Afraid to have something Destroyed when your not on? Build Automated Turrets or other Defense systems to protect your empire from Pirates or other enemies in your absence.
  • Tutorial: Don't know how to play? An interactive Tutorial has been incorporated into the game to help you on you way of becoming Feared, Renowned, or Respected.

Server Perks:
  • An active market; prices change upon demand
  • Reliable admins
  • Active player populous

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