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Global Minecraft Rules & Policies

The following rules are accepted by every player on the server:

1) Chat etiquette

♦ Keep the chat (including private messages, town chat, etc) civilized. 
This means no spamming, no overuse of caps, minimal swearing, and absolutely no racist/homophobic/generally offensive remarks.

Brierie Server - Modded Minecraft
Brierie Server - Modded Minecraft

2) No advertising

Any advertising of another Minecraft server/gaming community will not be tolerated.

3) Do not bypass the protection of the claim plugins (Nations, Towny, Islands)

 ♦ Theft, destruction, and unwanted building within claims counts as bypassing and will not be tolerated. This also includes tag locking, voodoo doll usage, rites, and forcefully removing someone from a claim.

4) No cheating or using modified clients to gain an unfair advantage

 ♦ This is including but not limited to exploiting bugs, any use of modded clients, client-side mods, macros or any hardware/software that gives you an unfair advantage on our servers. 

5) No scamming

Scamming is the act of tricking or deceiving someone into doing something they wouldn't normally do or intend on doing. Such as offering to trade with someone only to get them somewhere where they can be killed, or accepting a tpa and then attacking them when they arrive.

6) No spawn/claim camping

Camping is considered as being anywhere near a Non-PvP claim with the intent to PvP and/or harass.

7) No AFK Machines

An AFK machine is anything that allows you to bypass the 10-minute kick timer. 

8) Do not give away items for free

Giving out free items in any capacity or location is not allowed. All trades must be fair; e.g. one cobble for a diamond is not allowed.

9) Quarries only allowed in the mining world

Any mass mining device is not allowed in ANY world but the mining world. Any quarries that are found can and will have the resources gained by them as well as any area they were chunk loading removed. 

10) Respect the minimum price list (if your server has one)

Minimum prices are there to maintain the server balance and lifespan of a map. Any attempt to bypass this system either as a buyer or seller will not be tolerated and can lead to the removal of the items in question. 

11) When toggling PVP in a plot, all users within the vicinity of the plot MUST be informed

Toggling PvP in your claim in an attempt to gain an advantage in PvP is not tolerated. All users in your claim at the time must receive sufficient time to leave if they wish to.

Brierie Server - Modded Minecraft
Brierie Server - Modded Minecraft
Brierie Server - Modded Minecraft

12) All worlds except for the overworld (DIM0) are liable to resets, items will not be refunded from these dimensions

Do not build in these dimensions except for the normally required items (quarries), in the event that these dimensions need to be reset items will not be refunded. 

13) Weather control

♦ Do not automate any weather system you have, they must be activated manually. If someone asks for day/night, it must be allowed for a few cycles. This includes time (day/night).

14) Item trade bans

♦ We do not allow the trading of the following items: Mystical Agriculture/Magical Crops essences/seeds, Resource Chickens, and their respective eggs, Bees and their respective serums, and UU-Matter. 
This is in place in order to preserve progression of the modpack; i.e. trading for a T5 seed on your first day would give you a major leap in the pack.

15) PvP spells using the Witchery mod are not allowed

This includes curses, forced teleports, voodoo, and any other method of remotely causing harm to another player.

18) Chunk loading with anything but the store-bought chunkloader is strictly prohibited

 If you want to chunk load, use the one from the webstore.

Temporary and permanent bans will be issued to players who break rules. The type of ban and ban period will be set according to the rule broken. 
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